November 2016

Exciting Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

advantageAre you still considering jogging and walking as ways to boost your health? If yes, then it is time to change your notion. Get away from the mundane exercise regime soon as there are several exciting alternatives to promote health. Now, think of an interesting pursuit that can also contribute to your fitness goals. Yes, an engaging game of golf offers an astounding range of health benefits. The portals of takes you through the varied potentials of the golf game. The eighteen holes of the game can bring out a healthier life. The gateways of presents an interesting array of facts about the game. It is now time to consider the varied health benefits offered by the game of golf.

A new way to weight loss
If you are seriously looking out for a considerable weight loss, then it is ideal to choose a golf game. A game of golf can add up to your lean muscle mass. The endless walking amidst the shots would take you closer towards a healthy weight loss. As you progress through the holes, you would be covering 10,000 steps per day. The mileage in which you would cover your steps adds to the weight loss. You must walk through the small peaks, woods or marshy lands as a part of the game. You will be able to cover 4 miles per every round. It sheds your extra calories and burns your fat reserves. Every additional step contributes to a trimmed belly.

A real stress buster
With more stress adding to the health issues, a game of golf can wade all your stress away. Several activities that promise to keep your stress aside, often results in exhaustion. The uneasy levels of stress can potentially damage the overall health. A fulfilling game of golf release endorphins, a feel-good chemical substance. This substance can elevate your mood and gets rid of worries and stress. A game of golf with friends is an ideal way to de-stress. Arrange for a social time through a golf game for enhanced health.

Promotes heart health
Golf is an exciting as well as a stimulating sport. It improves cardiovascular health through the endless walking associated with the game. For many who dislike a jog or a gym session, a game of golf is an ideal way to kick start your health. The game involves walking several steps through the 200-acre course. It pumps up your heart with every step. Walking through the woods makes it interesting as well as beneficial. The cholesterol levels significantly decrease with an increase in physical activity. So, as you hit the course, the rewards are greater in terms of enhanced heart health.

Facilitates sturdy bones
With decreased calcium levels in all age groups, bone health remains a prime concern irrespective of age group. It is essential to obtain adequate calcium to sustain healthy bones and joints all through the life. Also, physical activity at moderate levels enhances the bone health. A game of golf ensures optimum benefits for both bones and muscles. With such immense health benefits, try a game of golf today to ensure overall longevity.

Salient Features Of Magento ECommerce Platform

e-commerce-developmentEvery customer would prefer a robust e-commerce platform and application. The more the features the better it is. The e-commerce platform is expected to be strong so as to allow for maximum development possibilities. Few platforms are known to be sturdy.

The magneto technology offered by magento agency london is worth looking into for providing a strong backbone and therefore maximum customization in accordance to client and business requirements. For starters it is open source license. So a developer can simply download onto a machine and begin using it to built full-fledged e-commerce solutions. The websites customers require could vary greatly based on their business needs. It could be an online shop or even a website imparting knowledge online for a fee such as

The idea is to make all features available to a customer, no matter their line of business.

Why Should You Choose Magento Platform?

A few reasons are listed out below to directly jump into the topic and provide you with data that can speak for itself.
1. It is open source – open source technology makes the life of a developer a lot easier. It’s highly cost effective and that makes it all the more enticing.

2. It already has built in features that can be further customized for a business. Advanced, multi-level navigation and search, product comparisons, email, products grouped according to categories, even multi-store features are available. Besides these, it has a built in CMS (content management system) for static pages and is integrated with SEO. Not to be left behind, it has built in shopping cart features, billing etc to create a robust online shopping system and can integrate with nearly 50 payment gateways to facilitate seamless online payments. Magento has won client appreciation. It has not just satisfied them, it has them delighted.

3. SEO – The SEO features are necessary for building business in today’s competitive world. Your client must be able to exploit all help possible to be highly visible in order to be noticed and thereby increase business. Magento has SEO solutions such as indexing, page traffic, landing page and duplicate content built into its platform. SEO solutions otherwise take quite a long time to build.

4. It is flexible and user friendly for the client and developer as well. In terms of flexibility it has two products, one catering to small business called Magento Go and the other caters to medium and large businesses called Magento Enterprise. There are several themes to choose from in each to allow for maximum customization. Developers have a admin area to change navigation, add content, pages, links, media etc through easy user interfaces rather than writing code for each. Besides the code written by the developers can also be integrated with third party codes seamlessly. This again is a feature that has attracted many developers to adopt magento. It is a huge timesaver for the developer.

5. Magento has provided for multiple store management with a unique interface for each store and eliminated a cumbersome procedure of attempting to manage all stores from a single admin page.

6. For added advantage, Magento has tied up with Google for the customer to avail all of Google’s services for maximum traffic and to ensure an ever-growing customer base. Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base are all integrated into Magento. This directly helps to increase the target audience and Magento will integrate with mobiles to facilitate business on mobile.

7. There is no language or currency barrier in Magento. It is suited for any country around the globe. Also there are additional cool marketing features for catalog promotional pricing, flexible coupons, private sales, bundled products, multi-tier product pricing etc. Its order management process is also seamless, enriching customer experience.

Overall Magento has created a solution that has eliminated all processes, features and technology that was hitherto considered cumbersome, therefore providing a brilliant solution at zero cost owing to its open source availability.

Understanding The Value Of Tube Traffic

ecoverw-600x300The success of internet marketing depends on how effectively you bring about traffic to the site. Despite years of experiment, many are not successful in their effort. The challenge faced to generate traffic through Clickbanks does not show the desired results after a period of time. Everyone is aware that there is money here, but how to tap this resource is left unanswered by many. How to build a list and make money without spending big money, is the question on the minds of internet marketers. This is where Jeff Johnson, Tube Traffic Secrets course could help a great deal. The benefits of YouTube in promoting your business are listed at

Jeff has an excellent reputation in the field and is reliable. His courses have proved to be successful for many. You will find out more information on the course after going through the Member’s Area. In the opening module, he talks about how to reach to potential clients. Especially those that have the interest in spending money on videos. This section will explain on how to select the demography to match your niche. The video tutorial explains this in steps. The “Improve Memory” niche popular as people love to spend on different things.

The second module helps you decide on the keywords with the support of Google and YouTube suggestions. There are tactics to learn from the video. The pdf guides you in this aspect and ensures that nothing is missed out during the research. The third module teaches you how to convert traffic into leads and later into money. This is the section when people take action during the video session. Here you will learn about the annotations and video descriptions. It also explains how to monetize the list using the hot buttons purchased by the audience. You will also find case studies to support your case. The whole process is based on time tested results.

More on Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson has a large following similar to the internet marketing geniuses like Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern. He specializes in the generation of traffic through SEO techniques and video. He is an affiliate who puts into practice what he teaches. Over the last decade, he has released blueprints for traffic generation and specializes in offering detailed strategies to guide audiences of varying expertise levels.

Jeff has sold millions worth of both physical and digital products and in this process generates visitors both for him and his clients. His methods are tested and have proved to be effective.

Disadvantages of Tube Traffic Secrets
In his blueprints, Jeff mentions that you can build a single video by spending an hour a day. Many have found this to be impractical if you are particular about high-quality videos. Take some time to put the high-quality video. It cannot be a slideshow of the article. It has to be engaging. This is possible with the right tools and time.

The course talks about building a list, but for audiences who want to make money first and create a list later, this might be deceiving. The audiences have to be realistic about the traffic numbers. As Jeff suggests, reaching to the majority of the world population could be unrealistic. But there are no worries, as he has created a bonus pack, called Fast Tube Cash Academy, in which he suggests the potential ways to make money.