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Salient Features Of Magento ECommerce Platform

e-commerce-developmentEvery customer would prefer a robust e-commerce platform and application. The more the features the better it is. The e-commerce platform is expected to be strong so as to allow for maximum development possibilities. Few platforms are known to be sturdy.

The magneto technology offered by magento agency london is worth looking into for providing a strong backbone and therefore maximum customization in accordance to client and business requirements. For starters it is open source license. So a developer can simply download onto a machine and begin using it to built full-fledged e-commerce solutions. The websites customers require could vary greatly based on their business needs. It could be an online shop or even a website imparting knowledge online for a fee such as

The idea is to make all features available to a customer, no matter their line of business.

Why Should You Choose Magento Platform?

A few reasons are listed out below to directly jump into the topic and provide you with data that can speak for itself.
1. It is open source – open source technology makes the life of a developer a lot easier. It’s highly cost effective and that makes it all the more enticing.

2. It already has built in features that can be further customized for a business. Advanced, multi-level navigation and search, product comparisons, email, products grouped according to categories, even multi-store features are available. Besides these, it has a built in CMS (content management system) for static pages and is integrated with SEO. Not to be left behind, it has built in shopping cart features, billing etc to create a robust online shopping system and can integrate with nearly 50 payment gateways to facilitate seamless online payments. Magento has won client appreciation. It has not just satisfied them, it has them delighted.

3. SEO – The SEO features are necessary for building business in today’s competitive world. Your client must be able to exploit all help possible to be highly visible in order to be noticed and thereby increase business. Magento has SEO solutions such as indexing, page traffic, landing page and duplicate content built into its platform. SEO solutions otherwise take quite a long time to build.

4. It is flexible and user friendly for the client and developer as well. In terms of flexibility it has two products, one catering to small business called Magento Go and the other caters to medium and large businesses called Magento Enterprise. There are several themes to choose from in each to allow for maximum customization. Developers have a admin area to change navigation, add content, pages, links, media etc through easy user interfaces rather than writing code for each. Besides the code written by the developers can also be integrated with third party codes seamlessly. This again is a feature that has attracted many developers to adopt magento. It is a huge timesaver for the developer.

5. Magento has provided for multiple store management with a unique interface for each store and eliminated a cumbersome procedure of attempting to manage all stores from a single admin page.

6. For added advantage, Magento has tied up with Google for the customer to avail all of Google’s services for maximum traffic and to ensure an ever-growing customer base. Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base are all integrated into Magento. This directly helps to increase the target audience and Magento will integrate with mobiles to facilitate business on mobile.

7. There is no language or currency barrier in Magento. It is suited for any country around the globe. Also there are additional cool marketing features for catalog promotional pricing, flexible coupons, private sales, bundled products, multi-tier product pricing etc. Its order management process is also seamless, enriching customer experience.

Overall Magento has created a solution that has eliminated all processes, features and technology that was hitherto considered cumbersome, therefore providing a brilliant solution at zero cost owing to its open source availability.